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Government extends the validity of the FCRA registration of NGOs until May 31 | India News


NEW DELHI: NGOs and associations whose registration under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010 expired between September 29, 2020, when new amendments to the Act were notified, and May 31, 2021, now They will enjoy the extended validity of their FCRA certificates until May this year, the Interior Ministry said.
According to a public notice issued by the ministry on Tuesday, the extension of the validity of all registration certificates that expire during the described period is intended to ensure a smooth transition to the amended FCRA regime. Amendments made in September 2020 require all FCRA registered NGOs and associations to open an account at SBI’s main branch in New Delhi to receive foreign contributions.
By the way, the public notice of January 12 from the Ministry of the Interior extending the validity of expired or expired FCRA licenses followed one day after a major correction was made to the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) (Amendment) Rules notified on November 10, 2020. According to the correction, the amended rule requiring NGOs / associations to apply for FCRA certificate renewal electronically, along with affidavits from each office holder or key official, within six months “a starting “from the expiration date of the registration certificate should be read as within six months” before “the expiration date of the registration.
Thus, the MHA notice provides relief to NGOs that, following the amended rules prior to the correction, would not have bothered to request the registration renewal immediately, understanding that they had six months from the expiration date of your FCRA certificate to do then.
Currently, there are about 23,000 entities that have obtained a certificate of registration or prior permission to receive foreign contributions.

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