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Election Commission schedule for candidates competing against Rajya Sabha, state legislative polls to publish details of criminal cases | India News


NEW DELHI: The Election Commission has outlined the three occasions when Rajya Sabha candidates for the polls and state legislative councils will be required to publish details of criminal cases, according to a previous Supreme Court direction.
The timeline, as outlined in a letter sent to the president, secretary general, or president of all recognized national and state political parties on January 11, requires that criminal records be released within the first two days after the nomination is withdrawn. , between the third and fourth day. ; and from the 5th to the 6th day, that is, before the voting date.
The voting date in the case of Rajya Sabha and state legislative council elections by members of the legislative assembly (MLA), if necessary, should be a date no earlier than the seventh day after the date of withdrawal of the candidacy , according to Section 39 of the People’s Representation Act of 1951.
In early September 2020, the Commission had published the criminal record release schedule in the Lok Sabha / assembly polls. All three occasions, as indicated in the EC order, were within the first four days of the withdrawal of the nomination; between the fifth and eighth day; and from the 9th to the last day of the campaign (the second day before the date of the survey).

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