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Navy conducts major review of the combat readiness of its Eastern Fleet | India News


NEW DELHI: The Navy has conducted a major review of the operational readiness and combat readiness of its Eastern Fleet, which is deployed to the Bay of Bengal and beyond to protect Indian interests and track Indian interests. hostile forces on the high seas.
With its eyes fixed on China and in tune with India’s “Move East” policy, the Navy has been beefing up force levels on the East Coast with new warships, maritime patrol planes and spy drones. The ongoing military confrontation with China in eastern Ladakh, which is in its ninth month, has added a sense of urgency to the ongoing rebalancing on the east coast.
Officers said Eastern Naval Command Chief Vice Admiral Atul Kumar Jain boarded different warships over the past four days for a first-hand assessment during the Eastern Fleet’s “operational readiness inspection.”
Twenty-two warships, including Ranvir-class guided missile destroyers and Shivalik-class stealth frigates, participated in the review, which included drills of force protection against asymmetric attacks, gun fire, anti-submarine warfare, and fleet maneuvers under realistic conditions. .
“The fleet was put to the test to showcase multidimensional warfare capabilities to protect the vast maritime borders and offshore assets of the country,” said an official.
“Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Eastern Fleet has maintained a very high pace of operations to fulfill all national tasks within and outside the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), including events to in the wake of the Galwan incident in Ladakh, ”he added.
As previously reported by TOI, India has also accelerated plans for “accumulation of forces” and “military infrastructure development” in the strategically located Andaman and Nicobar Islands as an effective counterattack to China’s expanding presence in the IOR.
The archipelago can serve as a military outpost to bypass China’s critical sea lanes that carry most of its crude oil imports and other trade across the Straits of Malacca.

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