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Coronavirus Vaccine: India’s Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign To Start At 3,000 Sites On Saturday | India News


NEW DELHI: India’s vaccination campaign against Covid-19 will launch at around 3,000 sites on January 16 and the number of sites will increase to 5,000 by the end of the month.
Each site will average about 100 recipients on the first day, although the number can vary between states, depending on health worker registration and the time taken to administer the injections, official sources said.
“We will start with 3,000 sites and go up to 5,000 sites over the next two weeks. Our goal is to further increase this number to 12,000 or even more by March as the program stabilizes and supplies improve. This is a dynamic and ongoing process. This At the stage, our approach is to ensure that everything runs smoothly so that people gain confidence, “said the official.
To avoid confusion, only one brand of vaccine, either Covishield or Covaxin, will be available from a particular site. Depending on availability and logistics, the state government will decide which vaccine goes to which site.
“This will ensure that the recipients are vaccinated with the same brand when they return for the second dose and this is crucial. Furthermore, it will also help avoid any conflict situation by not giving options to choose between the two approved brands,” he said. . Information related to vaccination will be recorded in Co-WIN, the IT platform used for the implementation and monitoring of the immunization exercise.
Each vaccination site will be run by a team of around five members, including a vaccinator. “We have asked the state government and the district and block administrators to ensure that all standard operating procedures are scrupulously followed and implemented,” said a Health Ministry official.
The drug regulator granted approval for emergency use to Oxford University’s Covishield / AstraZeneca, manufactured locally by the Serum Institute of India (SII), and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, based on safety and immunogenicity data. The government has said both vaccines have been tested in thousands of patients and are safe.
Bharat Biotech, which had initially signed an agreement to supply 55 lakh doses of Covaxin for the program, said on Wednesday that it has sent the injections to 11 cities: Gannavaram, Guwahati, Patna, Delhi, Kurukshetra, Bengaluru, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur . , Chennai and Lucknow.
SII will supply around 110 lakh doses of Covishield from now on and the list of recipients includes around 60 locations across the country. The Health Ministry said orders for supplies will be staggered to ensure a smooth supply.
The government hopes to administer at least the first dose of the vaccine to all healthcare workers, estimated at one crore, over the next two months and start with frontline workers as well. “We should be able to complete three million million frontline and healthcare workers over the next three months,” the official said.
The government has indicated that the vaccination program can continue for up to a year or even longer.

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