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Combat Covid-19: No shoulder-to-shoulder marches by NSG commandos this year on R-Day | India News


NEW DELHI: By the time you decide to leave your bed on winter mornings, National Security Guard (NSG) commandos rehearsing for the Republic Day parade finish their practice and begin preparing for the next training session.
NSG commandos sweat for at least 5 hours to take a flawless step into Republic Day at Rajpath, which is a hub today for forces participating in the Republic Day parade as a place of practice. This year NSG, India’s elite force for counterterrorism operations, has decided to make changes to the Republic Day parade based on COVID-19 health protocols.
The NSG commandos will be marching at a distance of more than 1.5 meters from each other. Before, they used to march down Rajpath shoulder to shoulder. The distance will be visible from a distance, as the NSG commands will follow COVID-19 protocols.

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