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Urban vehicle drivers better adhere to road safety regulations: survey | India News


NEW DELHI: Nearly 95% of validly licensed car drivers are not even 50% aware of road safety regulations, according to a recent survey by a car company.
Drivers from Delhi and Bengaluru had the lowest scores among the six cities where the survey was conducted, while drivers from Calcutta and Chennai had the highest scores.
According to Ford India’s survey based on interviews of 1,561 car drivers, “Cartesy 2.0”, respondents were asked to answer 31 multiple choice questions as RTOs do. Applicants who score 60% during such tests by the RTOs receive the learner’s license.
The justifications given by the respondents for not complying with the rules included ’emergency or urgency’ to reach the destination; ‘poor infrastructure’, such as faulty patches or road signs that are not visible; ‘temptations’ such as unmanned signals or no one watching; and “everyone else is breaking the rules.”
Mobile use main cause of road accidents: Survey
The survey also found that 97% of respondents felt distracted while driving, under the influence or use of mobile phone, it is the leading cause of traffic accidents and around 80% of drivers mentioned ‘aggressive driving’ as the second reason.
Car drivers in Delhi scored the highest when it came to not talking on a mobile phone while driving, while Kolkata scored the lowest among the cities surveyed. Kolkata also scored the worst when it comes to driving on the wrong side. Delhi drivers scored the lowest on several fronts, such as stopping before the stop line, following road signs, using indicators when changing lanes, complying with traffic lights and parking only in authorized parking lots.
Drivers in the national capital also scored worse on other parameters such as multitasking driving, loss of control when driving and sudden braking on highways and switching to emergency vehicles.
Car drivers in Mumbai did not score best or worst on all parameters, while drivers in Chennai scored highest on various parameters such as yielding to emergency vehicles, maintaining a safe distance, driving be careful during the rainy season and drive slowly in populated areas.
The survey also found that only 9% of respondents considered inadequate knowledge to be a major cause of traffic accidents. “The self-assessment of the drivers seems quite correct. Our training practices are inadequate and it is necessary to start this education about the rules of the road and traffic from the beginning, a few years before someone applies for a driver’s license, “said Anil Chikkara, expert in driver’s licenses in the country. .

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