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Supreme Court will hear the request of the Center to maintain adultery as a crime in the armed forces | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center has moved the Supreme Court claiming that its ruling decriminalizing adultery under IPC should not apply to the armed forces.
The supreme court in a September 2018 ruling had decriminalized adultery, while holding that it could remain grounds for divorce.
The Center, in its guilty plea on Wednesday, said that when commanders and officers are posted in inhospitable outpost areas, their families are cared for at the base camp by officers and field unit officers. Those in the outpost areas should have no suspicions about the adulterous or promiscuous activity of the agents who care.
In its plea, the government also mentioned that a member of the armed forces can be removed from service for improper conduct for committing adultery with the wife of a colleague.
A court of justices RF Nariman, Navin Sinha and KM Joseph issued a notice on the Center’s statement and referred the matter to the CJI for inclusion in a five-judge court.
The court, in passing the 2018 ruling, had said: “We are of the opinion that there cannot be a patriarchal monarchy over the daughter or, indeed, the husband’s monarchy over the wife. Other than that, there can be no communal exposition of dominance male. ”
Another judge on the bench had said: “This court has recognized sexual privacy as a natural right, protected by the Constitution. To shackle a woman’s sexual freedom and allow the criminalization of consensual relationships is to deny this right,” and He added that marriage could not force an individual to give up his sexual autonomy to others.

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