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Parl panel will convene Twitter, Facebook for banning accounts, changes in privacy policies | India News


NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, the standing parliamentary committee on information technology unanimously decided to convene Twitter and Facebook to explain their actions in recent days to ban accounts and institute sudden changes to privacy policies, a move that comes in the context of the president of the United States, Donald Trump. be banned on Twitter.
The decision on Trump has raised the question of whether private companies providing public services could unilaterally wield the power to get people off platforms. Sources said panel members also unanimously agree that while Twitter has repeatedly referred to itself as a data broker, it has acted as publisher and censor in this case, and should, as a result, explain its actions, as they have consequences not only for the United States, but for India and the rest of the world.
Similar questions will also be posed to Facebook (and WhatsApp), which the committee decided to convene due to recent changes to the privacy policy, and which has sparked a large-scale exodus from the platform in India.
Summons to the two social media giants are expected to go out soon and the date of the panel meeting will be set accordingly.
On Tuesday, the panel also discussed the functioning of the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI), where representatives from UIDAI spoke about the scope of Aadhaar’s coverage in India. They also denied specific questions about data breaches, maintaining that the security protocols at UIDAI were robust and that breaches, if any, had only occurred at the level of external agencies. Officials also told the panel that Aadhaar’s registration remains voluntary.
On Wednesday, the panel will examine the functioning of the Central Film Certification Board, commonly known as the censorship board.

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