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Made to wait more than a year to convert, Gujarat man moves HC | India News


AHMEDABAD: A 32-year-old Hindu who wishes to convert to Islam has transferred to the Gujarat HC for redress after waiting more than a year for permission to change his religion, as required by state anti-conversion law.
Jignesh Patel, a marketing executive based in Bharuch, southern Gujarat, said in his petition that the district collector had denied him permission to officially become a practicing Muslim despite an “investigation” by the Bharuch subdivisional magistrate. which stated that he was not under pressure. of anyone to convert. Patel had submitted his application to the district collector along with a full disclosure, including affidavits signed by his mother Vilasben and his sister Sejalben, on November 26, 2019. He said in the statement that no one had compelled or lured him to decide to change his faith. .
Patel mentioned in the application that he had been living as a Muslim for six years, including fasting during Ramzan, offering namaz, and following other rituals associated with the religion. The request was supported by an affidavit from Imran Patel, the person who would preside over the conversion originally scheduled for January 1, 2020. The district collector never responded to his request, Patel told the superior court.
Attorney MT Saiyad, who filed the petition on his behalf, said that the investigation report presented by the subdivisional magistrate in February 2020 gave “a favorable opinion that Patel could obtain permission for the conversion.” Since then, the HC has directed the collector to make an informed decision on Patel’s request within eight weeks.

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