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Laws Made by Lawmakers, Not Courts: Navjot Singh Sidhu in the Farmers’ Uproar | India News


CHANDIGARH: Taking up the cause of farmers protesting the three contentious farm laws, Congress Leader and former Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu said on Wednesday that in a democracy, laws are made by elected representatives and not by the courts. .
“In a democracy, laws are made by elected representatives of the people, not by the honorable courts or committees … Any mediation, debate or discussion should have occurred between the farmers and Parliament,” Sidhu said in a tweet.
In another tweet, he said: “Justice? – You get justice in the other world, in this world you have the laws! The more laws, the less justice.”
Sidhu’s claims came a day after farmers unions in a joint statement said the Supreme Court has suspended implementation of the three core farm laws as an interim measure, which is a welcome step, but not a solution.
The statement was issued by Darshan Pal on behalf of Samyukt Kisan Morcha, an organization that groups together farmers’ unions leading the protest against the three agricultural laws passed by Parliament in September last year.
On Tuesday, the high court suspended the implementation of the three farm laws and also formed a committee made up mostly of farmers to hear complaints from farmers’ unions against the farm laws.
“The farmers unions did not ask for this solution, as the implementation of the agricultural laws can be restored at any time. The government must repeal the laws and must understand that the farmers and people of India are opposed to the laws.” the statement said.

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