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‘He may have backed laws, but he won’t let farmers’ faith in SC wane’ | India News


NEW DELHI: Former Rajya Sabha MP Bhupinder Singh Mann, one of four members of the committee established by the Supreme Court on Tuesday to facilitate talks between farmer groups and the Center, said he would not allow the support he had provided to farm laws. to diminish the faith of the farmers protesting in the supreme court.
The 81-year-old president of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, like the other three members of the panel, had previously supported the laws that farmers are protesting against. Hours after they were named, the farmers said they would not appear before the panel. So how would the committee gain your trust? “I will push for the panel to take a fair, impartial and pragmatic approach. He had partially supported the laws, while categorically seeking certain amendments, ”Mann told TOI. “My responsibility now will be to involve all stakeholders. I will not allow the letters to be part of the committee discussions at all. ”
In two letters, one to Prime Minister Modi and one to Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, he had conveyed his support for part of the laws. In the letter to Modi on September 1, Mann had written: “When I heard preliminary news that your government is eliminating draconian commodity laws, I was very excited and happy. I had thought of presenting you with a BKU badge. But reading the fine print, the excitement quickly faded. “He had looked for three things: a guarantee that the MSP would not be removed in the form of an ordinance, an amendment to the Ninth Schedule to remove agriculture and farmland from its scope, and that a condition of the Essential Products Law (under which stock limits would come into effect based on price increases) be removed.
In the second letter, written in December on behalf of the All India Kisan Coordinating Committee, he had endorsed the laws with more enthusiasm. He had written that the entry of private buyers was “necessary” to bring remunerative prices. “There are certain people in Delhi who are trying to deceive the farmers’ unions. We are here to support the laws of the government, as most of us had problems with the old mandi regime. ”

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