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Government deceives the country, Supreme Court on agricultural laws: Congress | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress on Wednesday accused the government of misleading the country and the Supreme Court by stating that pre-legislative consultations were held prior to the passage of the three farm laws and claiming this amounted to contempt of court.
Congressional spokesman Abhishek Singhvi in ​​a press conference alleged that the government changed its stance from “having no information” on the pre-legislative consultations to suddenly stating that the laws were the result of two decades of deliberation.
He said that while the government has now called for two decades of consultations, in response to an RTI on the matter on December 22, 2020, it was stated that “this CPIO has no record on this matter.”
“This is a serious example of how the central government deceives the supreme court and misrepresents the people of India. Passing laws is an act of deception and fraud,” he alleged.
“It is therefore clear that there are serious attempts at evasion, distortion, misrepresentation and deceit of the nation, the supreme court and all relevant stakeholders, as well as blatantly retaliatory conduct. Not even superficially attempted Much less was a meaningful pre-legislative consultation attempted, much less done by the Modi government, ”he also alleged.
Singhvi said the government has stated in its affidavit in the Supreme Court that the laws were made after 20 long years of deliberations with the states, while there were no consultations and the laws “were passed in Parliament.”
The Center said that it is presenting this affidavit “to eliminate the deliberate misperception created by non-agricultural elements present at the protest site and using the media and social media and to inform this Court with true facts.”
As part of the consultation process, the Center cited in its affidavit to the Guru Committee in 2000, the Law of the Model Agricultural Products Marketing Committee (APMC) in 2003, the Empowered Committee of some state ministers in 2013, the Working Group on agricultural production in 2010 and another Model Law in 2017.
“However, these evil laws were crushed by Parliament and all discussion, analysis and interaction was guillotined in the temple of democracy,” Singhvi alleged.
He said that therefore it is clear that the government has tried to “deceive” all the people of India all the time by practicing “falsehoods on stilts” and has not even escaped the court.
“Can the discussions held 20 years ago by a committee qualify as a pre-legislative consultation for the laws passed in 2020,” he asked.
“Aware of their legislative incompetence on the matter, past governments have been enough to draft model laws leaving the choice to the states. These model laws are very different from the black farm laws that were rushed to Parliament last September,” he said Singhvi.

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