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Dynastic politics new form of dictatorship: PM | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday launched a new attack on the dynastic succession and sense of entitlement in the country’s politics, saying it is a threat and a new form of dictatorship, which needs to be uprooted by which the youth of the country could play the role. most vital role.
“Some necessary policy changes are yet to occur. Dynastic politics, which is the greatest enemy of democracy, continues to flourish. The dominance of the dynastic succession in politics is the country’s greatest enemy, which must be eradicated, ”said the Prime Minister.
Exhorting the young people, the Prime Minister, who addressed the farewell function of the National Festival of the Youth Parliament, organized in the Central Hall of Parliament on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Swami VivekanandaHe said: “It is true that the days of those who won the polls by virtue of surnames are numbered, but the disease of the dynasty in politics is not entirely over.”
Modi has always targeted Congress and BJP’s regional rivals for being dynastic teams.
He said there are certain people in politics for whom the only agenda is how to safeguard the domain of their families. “Yeh rajnitik vanshvad loktantra me ek naye rup ke tanashashi ke saath hi desh par akshamata ka bojh bhi badhata hai” (Dynastic succession in politics is not only a new type of dictatorship, but also imposes inefficient leadership on the country ” said he said.
Modi said that dynasties in politics think of their families first and the nation comes second for them, which is also a big reason for political and social corruption in India. “The dynastic successors in politics feel that their ancestors, despite being corrupt, escaped unscathed. They see this distorted trend in their families, therefore, they develop a sense of rights and do not respect or fear the law of the land, ”said the PM.
Although Modi and other BJP officials have highlighted the issue on several occasions, this could be the harshest criticism of the trend in the country’s politics that the Saffron party has been highlighting to not only target the Gandhi-Nehru family but various regional parties, which are predominantly led by particular political families.
The prime minister said that this trend can be changed through the awareness that the country’s youth will have to take responsibility. “As long as the youth of the country does not show up and join politics, the poison of the dynastic succession will continue to weaken the democracy of our country,” he said.
He said that there was a time when politics used to be synonymous with loot, corruption, but now it has changed and the people of the country are cheering and supporting honest people as honesty and performance are an integral part of politics now. “Those who had borrowed corruption as a legacy, it has become a burden on them. They have not been able to get rid of their corrupt legacy, ”Modi said, adding that even public representatives have realized the importance of a solid CV to contest the polls.
On the occasion, three young national winners of the Festival also spoke. Lok Sabha President Om Birla, Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal, and Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Kiren Rijiju also spoke.
The Prime Minister commented that even with the passage of time, Swami Vivekananda’s impact and influence remains. “His views on nationalism and nation building and his teachings on serving the people and the world continue to inspire us.”
Speaking on the occasion, Lok Sabha Chairman Om Birla said: “We must resolve to make the greatest possible use of the energy and power of youth for the resurgence of our country and the strengthening of its constitution and its Parliament.”

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