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After Record Drop, India’s Daily Covid Case Count Rises to 15,900 | India News


A day after falling to a 208-day low, new Covid-19 cases in India rose again above the 15,000 mark on Tuesday, although the overall downward trend in cases and deaths continued.
India reported 15,913 new cases on Tuesday, as test numbers returned to nearly 9 lakh after a sharp drop to 6.6 lakh the day before. The lower tests and other disruptions normally seen each weekend led the case count to drop to 12,507 on Monday, according to TOI data collected from state governments.
The death toll from the pandemic also rose to nearly 200 (199), down from 169 on Monday.
However, both the daily case count and deaths were lower than the numbers recorded the previous Tuesday, a rough indicator of the continued decline in the pandemic. On the previous Tuesday (January 5), India had recorded 17,875 new cases and 228 deaths.
Kerala continued to record the highest number of new cases with 5,507, followed by Maharashtra (2,936). No other state reported infection figures in four figures, with Karnataka and Bengal counting the third highest in the country (both at 751).
Maharashtra again recorded the highest number of deaths with 50, followed by Kerala (25), Bengal (18) and Delhi (16).
The average rate of positive results in the Kerala seven-day test has been fluctuating between 9% and 10% for the past two months. Since the New Year, the state’s seven-day average TPR is the highest in the country. TPR is the percentage of people who test positive for the virus out of all tests performed.
By contrast, India has been able to reduce its seven-day average TPR from 4.1% on November 15 to 2.1% today.
Delhi registered 386 new cases of Covid-19 on Tuesday and the positivity rate remained well below one percent, authorities said. This was the ninth time the daily case count fell below the 500 mark in January.
Tamil Nadu recorded 671 new cases on Tuesday, bringing the count to 8,27,614, while the death toll rose to 12,236 with eight more deaths. Significantly, the daily case count fell below the 200 mark in Chennai after more than eight months. Rajasthan reported 293 new Covid infections on Tuesday, the lowest daily addition in the past 199 days.

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