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Traumatized Husband of Badaun Victim Referred to Psychiatric Hospital | India News


BAREILLY: The husband of the 50-year-old woman who was allegedly gang-raped, abused and left to die slowly has not been able to accept what happened to him. As his condition worsened, he was referred to Bareilly Mental Hospital on Tuesday.
“On Monday afternoon he was asleep in his room. He woke up with a start, screaming and asking for his wife. He searched for her, from room to room. When he couldn’t find it, he grabbed a skillet with coals and ran off. We managed to get him inside, but he started banging his head against the wall, ”his son-in-law told TOI.
During the course of their marriage, he had relied completely on her. When he got sick a few years ago, she took over: She took care of supporting the family, raising the children, and taking care of him. Last Sunday, hours after she left home to offer prayers in a temple, the three men accused of raping and killing her, a priest and his two assistants, left her in a state of agony. “He’s been in shock since he saw his body soaked in blood,” said his son-in-law.
On Monday afternoon they called the police and asked for help. “We sent an ambulance with a police team. First they took him to the district hospital, but there was no psychiatrist there. Then they took him to Bareilly, ”Badaun SSP Sankalp Sharma told TOI. “At Bareilly Mental Hospital, the doctor told us that he was in a state of post-traumatic shock. He needs to be medicated for 15 days, ”added the son-in-law.
“They sent him back with a prescription and medication,” said Dr. CP Mall, who treated him. The first dose of medicine calmed him down and he was taken back to the district hospital for treatment for his head injuries. “There, he underwent a CT scan,” said the son-in-law. The sedatives will continue. Police have spoken with the family about providing mental health support.
Meanwhile, a forensic team from Lucknow visited the two villages, where she was from and where she was allegedly raped, to reconstruct the events. The SSP said: “We hope to share the findings soon.”

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