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Rahul Gandhi will visit Tamil Nadu on Pongal day, to see Avaniyapuram jallikattu | India News


CHENNAI: Former Congress President and Lok Sabha member Rahul Gandhi will visit Tamil Nadu on January 14 when the state celebrates Pongal, the harvest festival. You will see jallikattu (a traditional bull-taming sport) at Avaniyapuram near Madurai.
“Rahul Gandhi will come to Madurai on a one-day visit. With the theme ‘Rahul’s Thamizh Vanakkam”, he will celebrate Pongal and see jallikattu in Avaniyapuram, “Tamil Nadu Congress Committee Chairman KS Alagiri said Tuesday in Chennai.
The party is planning several more visits in the run-up to the assembly election. “Rahul visited Tamil Nadu six times during the Lok Sabha election. Later, for the assembly election, he will visit the state several more times. Starting with the western region, Rahul will visit the southern, northern and delta districts,” he said. Alagiri.
He said that the alliance led by DMK was established and that MK Stalin (president of DMK) was the candidate of CM. “There is still confusion in the AIADMK alliance, even about its CM candidate. Also, there are differences between leaders within the ruling party. We have already won the first round, “said Alagiri.
The TNCC president, however, tried to ignore reports that the DMK wanted to contest the maximum number of seats and grant only a limited number of seats to the allies.
“The leaders of each party, while addressing their cadres, will say such things to encourage them. When the talks to share seats begin, each party will seek and obtain its share of seats based on its strength,” Alagiri said, adding that pressure could not be used in a stable alliance.
“Problems really exist in the AIADMK alliance. Not so in our alliance,” Alagiri said.

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