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NHAI sees foreign hand in green law | India News


BENGALURU: The high court has said that the statement by the National Highway Authority of India that “the Environmental Protection Act has been passed by Parliament at the behest of foreign powers” is shocking. On Monday, the court ordered the president of the NHAI to nominate a senior officer to investigate and clarify the matter.
A division bank headed by Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka was listening to a PIL presented by the United Conservation Movement and Charitable Trust (Bengaluru), which had questioned the exemption granted by the environment ministry on the expansion of national highways ( up to 100 km) of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) requirement.
In the statement of objections submitted by NHAI Deputy Director General (Technical) RB Pekam, there were references to “foreign powers” behind the Environmental Protection Act. The court noted that it has been said that there are many organizations in India, such as Amnesty International, that are actively involved in challenging government policies / notifications and are engaged in anti-national activities. The NHAI official said that “there are many NGOs that receive money from foreign sources and church funds in contravention of the laws.” TNN
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