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Farmer leaders welcome SC sticking to 3 farm laws, but say the protest will continue | India News


NEW DELHI: Farm leaders welcomed the Supreme Court’s order to suspend implementation of three farm laws on Tuesday, but said they would not suspend their protest until the laws are repealed.
The Sankyukt Kisan Morcha, a body that brings together some 40 protesting farmers’ unions, has called a meeting later in the day to decide on the next course of action.
Peasant leaders said they are not willing to participate in any process before a committee appointed by the Supreme Court, but La Morcha will make a formal decision on the matter.
“We welcome the court’s order to suspend the implementation of the agricultural laws, but we want a complete repeal of these laws, which is our main demand,” Abhimanyu Kohar, a senior Morcha leader, told PTI.
Another farmer leader, Harinder Lokhwal, said the protest will continue until the controversial farm laws are repealed.
“We do not have faith in the idea of ​​a committee and we have been saying it from the beginning, when the government suggested the formation of a committee. But this time, it is the Supreme Court and we will see the functioning of this committee,” said the vice president of All India Kisan Sabha (Punjab), Lakhbir Singh.
El Morcha issued a statement on Monday, saying the unions are unwilling to participate in any proceedings before a committee that may be appointed by the higher court.
The Supreme Court suspended implementation of the controversial farm laws until further orders on Tuesday and established a four-member committee to resolve the deadlock between the Center and farmers’ unions protesting at the Delhi borders over the laws.
The committee will examine farmers’ complaints against all three laws.
“We welcome the Supreme Court decision, but it is still a suspension and not a repeal of the three laws. So we will not move from here until the laws are repealed.
“The turmoil will continue. We are against the idea of ​​a committee, but there is a difference between a committee formed by the government and a committee formed by the Supreme Court,” said Bharatiya Kisan Union (Punjab) Senior Vice President Manjeet Singh. . .
The four members of the committee created by the high court are BKU President Bhupinder Singh Mann, Shetkeri Sangathana, Maharashtra President Anil Ghanwat, Pramod Kumar Joshi, Director for South Asia, International Food Policy Research Institute and agricultural economist Ashok Gulati.
The high court sought the cooperation of protesting farmers and made clear that no power can prevent it from establishing a panel to resolve the impasse over controversial farm laws.
Thousands of farmers, mostly from Haryana and Punjab, have been protesting at various border points in Delhi since November 28 last year, demanding the repeal of the three laws and a legal guarantee for the minimum support price system ( MSP) for your crops.
Promulgated in September last year, the three laws have been projected by the Center as major reforms in the agricultural sector that will eliminate middlemen and allow farmers to sell their products anywhere in the country.
However, protesting farmers have expressed fear that the new laws would pave the way to remove the MSP’s safety cushion and end the “mandi” (wholesale market) system, leaving them at the mercy of large corporations.

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