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Builders, Maintenance Agencies Face Staggered Criminal Action for Defects in Road Design and Construction | India News


NEW DELHI: Road builders and maintenance agencies are now required to pay a fine of Rs 1 crore to Rs 10 crore and will not be allowed to bid for any road project for two years in the event of a structure or road failure due to design, construction or maintenance defects that end human life. The company in question must bear the costs of carrying out the rectification, according to NHAI.
Even consultants involved in such work will have to face penalties and disqualification. In case of a major failure causing death / s, consulting firms will have to pay a fine of Rs 40 lakh and companies will not be able to bid for two years. Your key personnel will not be hired for any NHAI job for three years.
The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has notified a policy guideline on standard operating procedure (SOP) for deciding criminal actions in case of such failures. The NHAI had established an expert panel to develop an SOP after some cases of structural collapse, including in Gurgaon, Kerala and Bihar.
The penalties have been specified for three types of failures: minor failures without casualties, major failures without casualties, and major failures that result in loss of human life. The sanctions will be imposed once the cause of the failures has been established. In all cases, the construction company will bear the invoice for the rectification.
According to the policy, in case of minor failures where no one is injured, the construction and maintenance company will have to pay Rs 30 lakh and its key personnel will remain on the watch list. The consulting firm hired during construction or maintenance will have to pay Rs 5 lakh.
In the event of a major failure where no one is injured, the fine will be Rs 50 lakh to Rs 5 million at the construction or maintenance company. These entities may not participate in bids for any highway project for up to one year. Key personnel will not be allowed to participate in any NHAI work for two years. Consulting firms will have to pay Rs 20 lakh as a fine and will not be able to bid for one year. Your key personnel will not be able to work on any NHAI project for two years.

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