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BJP Brass backs BSY, quells rumors about CM’s retirement | India News


NEW DELHI: BJP senior officials have strongly supported BS Yediyurappa’s tenure as Karnataka’s prime minister throughout the term in a move designed to quell speculation about his retirement.
Top management’s support for Yeddyurappa, considered the highest party member in Karnataka and one who has complied with the party, including in recent assembly elections, comes with a nod to the expansion of the state ministry, which will have place on Wednesday.
At present, the state cabinet has 27 ministers against a total capacity of 34 and expansion is planned for more than a year.
Yediyurappa had a meaningful meeting with Union Interior Minister Amit Shah and BJP President JP Nadda on Sunday along with Secretary General (in charge of Karnataka) Arun Singh.
During the meeting at Shah’s official residence, Yeddyurappa was assured of the party’s support for his continuation and the need to move forward with key programs. The sources said photos of the members were taken and circulated to signal the party’s confidence in the veteran who will turn 79. “The party has won several elections in recent months in Karnataka, which shows that the Yediyurappa government is doing its job,” said a senior BJP official.
In the recent by-elections of the assembly, the BJP won both and the party had won 12 of the 15 seats in the assembly, elections for which they were won in November 2019, including a seat the party had never won in years. State Vice President BY Vijayendra, the prime minister’s youngest son, was in charge of the party’s poll. The party’s victory in the Sira assembly elections in Tumkur district also turned out to be a breakthrough.
These victories were strongly in favor of Yediyurappa, as most of the seats are in the Mysore region, where the Saffron party managed to challenge the dominance of Congress and JDS. In the gram panchayat polls two weeks ago, the BJP supported candidates who won around 45,246 seats (out of 86,183). In 2015, BJP had gained 29,959 seats. BJP-backed candidates also got the majority at 3,142 of the 5760 gram panchayats.

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