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Supreme Court on Farmers’ Protest: Unions To Formally Respond Tuesday, Cong Demands Apology From Prime Minister | India News

NEW DELHI: With the Supreme Court on Monday detaining the center over the ongoing farmers’ protest, union leaders have said they would respond formally after the final verdict on the matter comes Tuesday. Congress has demanded an apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the presentation of cases against him, Interior Minister Amit Shah and the senior ministers of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana – Yogi Adityanath and ML Khattar respectively.
Speaking to the media after the Supreme Court observation, Darshan Pal, president of the Krantikari Kisan Union, said that the peasant leaders are consulting their lawyers and that a formal response will be given after the high court makes its verdict.
Bhog Singh Mansa, President of the Indian Farmers Union (Mansa), said: “We appeal to the Supreme Court to end these laws as they are not constitutionally valid,” adding that the protest will continue until “the laws are repealed. or the BJP the government completes its mandate. ”
The president of the Punjab Kisan Union, Ruldu Singh Mansa, echoed similar sentiments, saying that the upheaval started with the demand to remove the agricultural laws and that it will “only end when we win this fight.”
Peasant leaders said they would continue their agitation even if the government or the Supreme Court postponed the implementation of the new farm laws. The peasant leaders, who said they were “sharing their personal opinion”, also opined that a stay “is not a solution” as it is only for a fixed period of time.
“We appreciate the observation of the Supreme Court, but ending the protest is not an option. Any suspension is only for a fixed period of time … until the court addresses the issue again,” said the President of the Union of Haryana Bharatiya Kisan, Gurnam Singh Chaduni said.
Farmers want the laws to be repealed entirely. The protest will continue even if the government or the Supreme Court suspends its implementation, he said. Bhog Singh Mansa said that a suspension of the laws “is not a big deal.” “A suspension is not a solution. We are here for these laws to be completely eliminated … the government has already agreed in some way to eliminate the laws when it said that it is willing to incorporate as many amendments as farmers want,” he said. .
Congress demanded that PM Modi apologize to the country’s farmers and repeal the three agricultural laws they oppose, after the Supreme Court denounced the Center for handling the unrest.
Congressional chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala also urged the high court to register the cases against Modi, Amit Shah, Khattar and Yogi Adityanath after taking note of their “actions that caused damage to public property”.
He said the central and state governments have excavated roads and caused roadblocks on national highways around the national capital.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi should apologize not only to the families of 65 farmers who have been slaughtered, but also to the 62 crore farmers in the country. The prime minister should speak to the agitating farmers thereafter and nothing less is acceptable. for the ‘annadatas’, “he told reporters.
Surjewala said the prime minister should come forward and wipe the farmers’ tears, pour out his support for crony capitalists, and announce the repeal of the three farm laws immediately.
He made the prime minister, the interior minister and the chief ministers of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh directly responsible for the current turmoil, saying that they prevented farmers from coming to Delhi and expressing their anger and opposition to the agricultural laws in a Gandhian way .
“The Supreme Court is the protector of the laws and the Constitution and we all have faith in it. If someone opposes the laws in a Gandhian way, the court will also support that opposition, as protesting peacefully is a basic right enshrined in the Constitution.
“The prime minister and the interior minister are responsible for the current situation. We trust that the Supreme Court will take note of the anti-national action of the prime minister and the interior minister, as well as the chief ministers of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh and record cases against him, “he added.
Congress Secretary General KC Venugopal said: “Now, the Supreme Court has said that the central government did not protect the interests of farmers. Let’s hope good sense prevails over the government. The central government should repeal the agricultural laws and the prime minister should speak to the farmers and offer his apologies. ”

PCN President Sharad Pawar met with leftist leaders Sitaram Yechury and D Raja in the national capital and discussed the ongoing farmer agitation. “We discussed the order of the Supreme Court informally. But the decision on what should be done must be made by the farmers. They have to react to it. We support their demand for the repeal of the laws,” said General CPI. Secretary D Raja said.
“We know that they have issued a statement. We will await their full reaction before making a comment,” Raja said.
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