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SC criticizes Center for agricultural protests, to form panel to examine laws | India News

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Monday expressed extreme disappointment at the way the Center has handled farmer agitation and said it will set up a committee of experts, including ICAR, to examine new farm laws.
“Everyone can give an answer to the committee, both for and against. We will accept the committee’s report and address the farm laws,” the CJI said.
“What’s happening? The states are rebelling against their laws,” the SC said, criticizing the Union government for its handling of the farmers’ protests.
“The matter is getting worse, suicides are taking place. Are you taking care of your food health and other problems?” Asked the banker led by the CJI.
After criticizing the government, the SC asks: “Why are the protesting farmers keeping the elderly at the protest site?”
“After the implementation of the farm laws is suspended, will protesters continue their agitation on the road or at a designated site, we want to ask,” said the CJI.
“Believe it or not, we are the Supreme Court of India, we will do our job,” the high court told farmers’ unions protesting against agricultural laws.
The SC said peaceful protests can go wrong due to any missed incidents. “We all have a great responsibility to make sure things don’t go wrong. We don’t want anyone’s blood on our hands, ”said the CJI-led bank.
When the Center objected to SC’s intention to suspend the implementation of the agricultural laws, the CJI said, “You (center) have not been able to solve the problem. The center must take responsibility. Since your laws led to the strike, you must resolve it. Now the farmers will tell the Committee their views ”.

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