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India to Launch Largest Coastal Defense Exercise in History Tomorrow | India News


NEW DELHI: India will kick off its largest “Sea Vigil” coastal defense exercise on Tuesday, with all maritime stakeholders led by the Navy taking action along the entire 7,516 km coastline of the country, including island territories and two million square kilometers Exclusive Economic Zone.
The two-day Sea Vigil exercise is a preparation for the large combat exercise TROPEX (theater-level operational readiness exercise), which will see the country’s western and eastern fleets in high-voltage maritime maneuvers in late January and early February.
“Sea Vigil and TROPEX together will cover the entire spectrum of maritime security challenges, including the transition from peace to conflict,” Navy spokesman Commander Vivek Madhwal said Monday.
This is the second time after January 2019 that the Sea Vigil coastal defense exercise has been conducted across the country, in the context of the deadly 11/26 terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008.
“The entire coastal security system was reorganized after the 11/26 attack on Mumbai, which was launched via the sea lane. The scale and conceptual extent of Sea Vigil this year is unprecedented in terms of geographic extent, the number of stakeholders involved, the number of units involved, and in terms of the objectives to be achieved, ”said Commander Madhwal.
The exercise, coordinated by the Navy, will involve the Union’s 13 coastal States and Territories, along with other maritime stakeholders, including fishing and coastal communities.
You will see the participation of dozens of warships, boats, patrol boats, planes and helicopters from the Navy, the Coast Guard, Customs and other maritime agencies, with the ministries of defense, home affairs, maritime transport, oil and fisheries involved along with the state. governments.
“While smaller-scale exercises are conducted regularly in coastal states, including combined exercises between neighboring states, conducting a nationwide security exercise is intended to serve a broader purpose,” said the Commander Madhwal.
“It provides the opportunity, at the apex level, to assess our readiness in the area of ​​maritime security and coastal defense. Sea Vigil will provide a realistic assessment of our strengths and weaknesses and, therefore, help to further strengthen maritime and national security, ”he added.
The 11/26 massacre in Mumbai, in particular, had exposed the lack of “critical connectivity” between intelligence agencies and security agencies. Although there was some intelligence on the Kuber fishing vessel attempting to infiltrate via the sea lane at the time, it had escaped to allow Ajmal Kasab and nine other terrorists to reach Mumbai and wreak havoc.

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