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IMA urges members to voluntarily get vaccinated as proof of vaccine safety | India News


NEW DELHI: Ahead of the launch of the country’s mega vaccination campaign on January 16, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has urged its 3.5 billion members in 1,800 local branches to voluntarily get vaccinated first to demonstrate that vaccines are safe and effective.
“IMA believes that vaccination is not only to protect people, but also to provide herd immunity, and therefore increases the hope of controlling the coronavirus pandemic,” the medical body said in a statement.
The IMA statement becomes important as it not only supports the credibility of the vaccine amid various concerns about safety and efficacy, but also urges more people to come forward for immunization, which is crucial to achieving vaccination.
“We are with the scientists to ensure the safety and efficacy of these two vaccines … However, we call on the public to adhere to appropriate Covid behavior even after vaccination, such as wearing masks, staying aloof. physical, hand hygiene, etc. ”, He said in a letter to its members.
The government plans to inoculate 3 million million frontline and healthcare workers in the first round of the mass vaccination campaign that aims to cover a total of 30 million “priority” residents by July. After health care and frontline workers, the second priority will be given to those over 50 and those younger but with severe comorbidities.
India has granted emergency use authorization to two vaccines: AstraZeneca’s University of Oxford and Covishield, manufactured by the Serum Institute in India, and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin.

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