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Do you want to resign or not, SC asks Nagaland Lokayukta | India News


NEW DELHI: Nagaland’s exasperation with the “unfair and arbitrary” demands of the Lokayukta state, Justice Uma Nath Singh, found an echo in the Supreme Court, which on Monday gave him a week to consider resigning from office. Judge Singh had retired as president of the Meghalaya High Court.
“We don’t think it has worked or can function properly (as Lokayukta) with this kind of relationship with the government. We want to tell you that we do not agree with you at all. You cannot sit somewhere and dictate terms (Judge Singh wants to function like Nagaland Lokayukta while staying in Delhi.) Everybody would sit at home, say in Tamil Nadu, and function like Lokayukta of Jammu and Kashmir, “said a bench of Chief Justice SA Bobde, AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian.
Nagaland’s attorney general KN Balgopal briefly recounted how Judge Singh, who is not new to courting disputes, was making “unfair” demands before making the unprecedented request to strip Lokayukta of all powers. and entrusting all pending cases to Upa-Lokayukta Mayang. Lime.
Appearing before Judge Singh, leading defender Vikas Singh suggested mediation by the governor to resolve the discord between the Lokayukta and the government. The attorney said that even the attorney general rarely stayed in the state.
The bank said: “We don’t think you (Judge Singh) should get this combative. The attorney general’s office is very different from Lokayukta’s. We have never seen allegations like this. It is degrading.” He gave the lawyer a week to find out from Judge Singh whether or not he would resign.
The problems started almost immediately after Judge Singh was appointed Lokayukta in February 2019 when requesting permission to take on arbitration work in the Synergy Ispat Pvt Ltd case against Barbara Elizabeth Simoes despite the clear ban on Lokayukta taking on any work. other than that related to the statutory position. .
In May 2019, Judge Singh wrote a letter to the government saying that he would operate “online” from his residence in Delhi and even “designed” a letter from the office of the chief secretary of state, without the knowledge of the holder, to that effect. . When the chief secretary withdrew the alleged letter and ordered an investigation into how the permission letter came about, the Lokayukta retaliated by beginning to harass “honest officials” by issuing indiscriminate notices, the state alleged.
He then demanded that the Kohima police commissioner be present to meet and see him off at the airport for his arrival and departure each time. He also sought the deployment of Army personnel for his protection. Both requests were rejected by the government, further enraging the Lokayukta, the Nagaland government said.
Balgopal said that after Lokayukta’s official residence was renovated at enormous cost to the treasury, Judge Singh demanded the allocation of the former prime minister’s bungalow for his residence. He also asked a senior police official to buy him shoes and behaved in a way that degraded the sociocultural spirit of the Naga people. He then demanded that his photograph be displayed on government websites together with the governor and the CM. He also requested a recommendation from the state for his appointment as chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Human Rights Commission, the attorney general said.
Judge Singh has attracted many controversies in the past. In January 2016, on the last day of his tenure as Meghalaya HC CJ, Judge Singh approved an order directing the state to provide Category Z security wherever he traveled after retirement and treatment as a state guest. He was in the news when the government of Arvind Kejriwal recommended his name as head of the Delhi Human Rights Commission, a non-existent body. During his tenure as Meghalaya CJ, some defenders from Delhi were appointed as lead defenders by the HC.

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