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Daily Covid-19 Cases Fall to 12,500, the Low in 208 Days | India News


The daily number of fresh Covid-19 cases in India fell below 15,000 for the first time since June 22 last year. Only 12,507 new infections were detected on Monday, the lowest count in 208 days.
The sharp drop in cases was due to the lower number of tests carried out the day before since August 23. On Sunday, less than 6.6 lakh of tests were conducted for the virus, a drop of more than 1.8 lakh from the previous day, according to the covid19india.org tracker.
While new cases decline every Monday due to decreased testing and staff shortages over the weekend, this Monday’s numbers were nearly 4,000 less than the previous day’s count, a drop of around 25%. .
India last recorded a lower daily case count on June 16 last year, when 10,914 infections were reported. The last time a daily count of less than 15,000 was recorded was on June 22, when cases nationwide totaled 14,778, according to TOI’s database compiled from state government figures. There were 169 deaths from the virus on Monday, roughly the same as the previous day’s death toll of 161.
Meanwhile, in the week that just passed (Jan 4-10), Maharashtra saw a nearly 20% increase in new Covid cases after five weeks of decline. The state registered 26,978 cases, compared to 22,586 the previous week. Kerala continued to record the highest number of new cases in the country at 35,296, the count remaining unchanged from the previous week. Together, Kerala and Maharashtra accounted for almost half of all cases detected in India during the week.
Among the large states, Karnataka’s count was largely unchanged, while Bengal, UP, and Raj saw the steepest drop in cases. Bengal, recently identified by the Center as one of four states where the pandemic was still experiencing a peak, saw a drop of nearly 1,800 cases compared to the previous week.

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