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Bird Flu in India: Delhi and Maharashtra Confirm Cases of Bird Flu | India News


Broiler prices in India have fallen by nearly a third in a week and consumption declined after an outbreak of avian influenza was reported in six states, industry officials told Reuters.

“Demand has dropped almost 30%,” said Uddhav Ahire, president of Anand Agro Group, a poultry company based in the western city of Nashik.

Broiler prices have fallen to Rs 60 ($ 0.8192) a kilo from around Rs 90 a week ago, he said, adding that farmers are incurring losses as the cost of production is more than 75 rupees.

Egg prices have also fallen more than 10% in a week as small farmers try to sell their products as quickly as possible, fearing a further price drop, said one poultry farmer who did not want to be named.

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