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Avian Flu Affects Ten States of India – Highlights | India News


NEW DELHI: Cases of bird flu have been reported in several states in India severely affecting winged populations
as they test positive for H5N1 avian influenza.
Raising great concerns, bird flu has entered Maharashtra in a big way affecting several hundred chickens and other birds.
According to the ICAR-National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases (ICAR-NIHSAD) report, Bhopal, samples from chickens, crows, parrots, herons and pond egrets tested positive for the virus in Maharashtra.
The distribution includes chickens and herons in Parbhani; crows in Mumbai, Ratnagiri and Beed; Egret and parrot pond at Thane.
Contrary to rumors, as of now there is no ban on the sale of poultry products such as eggs or chicken and the state government is on high alert.
Delhi confirmed the bird flu cases on Monday after eight samples sent to a Bhopal-based laboratory tested positive for bird flu.
All eight samples, four from a park in Mayur Vihar Phase 3, three from Lake Sanjay and one from Dwarka, all tested positive for avian influenza.
But only samples from ducks from Lake Sanjay tested positive for bird flu, state officials said.
The Delhi government has banned the sale of processed and packaged chicken brought in from outside the city as a precaution.
Cases of bird flu have been confirmed in the Surat and Vadodara districts of Gujarat. Samples from four crows collected at two locations in Bardoli taluka in Surat tested positive for bird flu.
Additionally, three out of five crows samples collected from Vasantpura village in Vadodara’s Savli taluka, where 25 crows died on January 6, also tested positive.
On Sunday, 57 pigeons were found dead in the Kia village of Vadodara and their samples were sent to the Bhopal laboratory.
Gujarat reported its first case of avian influenza on January 8 when two samples of lapwing from Junagadh district tested positive for the avian influenza virus.

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