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Ahead of Tuesday’s Order, Supreme Court Makes Crucial Observations on Farmers’ Protests | India News


The higher court said it could suspend the implementation of these laws as talks between the government and farmers are “breaking down.”

The court observed that the Center wants to discuss these laws point by point, while the farmers want them to be repealed.

The Attorney General said that the laws cannot be suspended in that way, to which the CS said: “We are in this position. We regret to inform you that you have not been able to resolve this issue. You, as the Union of India, have failed to solve the problem and the turmoil. ”

The court asked Venugopal to provide a list of previous judgments related to the suspension of the application of the law.

The eighth round of talks between the Center and farmers’ unions on January 7 ended in stalemate.

The center ruled out repealing the contentious laws, while farmer leaders said they are ready to fight to the death and that their ‘ghar waapsi’ will occur only after the ‘waapsi law’.

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