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TOI headline becomes an online blockbuster | India News

The Times of India headline on the Capitol storming by Trump supporters – “Klux Klan Coup: Don Unleashes the Mob and Rob Bid” – has become a rage on social media. Thousands of tweeple said it was the most suitable headline for the insurrection, using words such as “amazing, amazing, epic, brilliant, excellent, outstanding, most dramatic, truest, clever and chillingly accurate, nailed it,” while others They said he was already one of the leading candidates for the best starter of the year. Some even called him “the greatest headline ever.”
“Oh India KNOWS how to write a headline,” user Dr. Krupali wrote around 11.30pm on Friday. The post had collected more than 72,000 retweets and 3.4 lakhs of likes by Sunday at 12.30am IST. Thousands in the United States turned the ‘Klux Klan Coup’ into a trending hashtag on Saturday. Krupali, followed by Barack Obama, also added “Timesofindia, can you provide a copy to the entire United States? You’ll make millions, if not more. “Krupali’s suggestion found many interested parties. Maxine @ Games119 spoke of wanting to frame it.” I think this headline wins today on the Internet! “Wrote one user. Errol Nazareth wrote:” Competitor for Best Headline of 2021. Well done, @timesofindia “.
“Oh that’s perfect. Today I saw a group of Trump supporters on my way home from work and it was chilling. It made me think of KKK photos, ”tweeted Amber Hadley, who goes by the name @ BiblioAmber. “# CoupKlux-Klan is the best description ever,” said @Alyssa_Day.

Another user Anmol Maini @anmolm_ tagged TOI and wrote: “TOIIndiaNews is absolutely wild.” Death By Koolaid tweeted: “Mob And Rob Bid … I’m done.” Sarah J RN wrote: “This is absolutely the best newspaper I have seen in 4 long years !!!” Users also responded to the headline with memes and videos. One meme featured Mr. Burns, a character from the American comedy The Simpsons, with the word “excellent.” Another user shared a meme with the word ‘wild’.
Several users also tagged other media houses. “Damn… now THAT’s a headline. @nytimes take notes, ”Richard Servello tweeted. Some users also recognized TOI’s legacy. “The Times of India is a particularly good newspaper … and they have a newspaper tradition for about 160 years!” wrote a user using the identifier @ MillenialD. The Times of India launched 182 years ago, on November 3, 1838 in its previous avatar as The Bombay Times and the Journal of Commerce.

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