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The poor should get the Covid-19 vaccine first: BSP | India News


NEW DELHI: Poor people who have no resources must get the Covid-19 vaccine first so they can get on with their lives, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) demanded on Sunday.
While speaking to ANI, BSP national spokesman Sudhindra Bhadoria said that the party supreme Mayawati had demanded that the poor receive the vaccine in the first phase and free of charge.
“People were worried for a whole year due to the Covid-19 crisis and many people lost their lives. Our supreme party Mayawati Ji has demanded that the poor, who have no resources, receive the vaccine in the first phase at no cost. It must be given so that people can go on with their lives independently, “Bhadoria told ANI.
He further said that millions of Indians had pinned their hopes that the Covid-19 vaccine would be tested by people.
“All vaccine tests must be completed. Why shouldn’t they be completed? Health departments will vaccinate people with all these things in mind,” he said.
Speaking of the farmer’s protest, he said that the government cannot escape its responsibilities and must keep its promises to the people.
“Farmers have been protesting at the borders for a month and a half at the borders of the capital city in the cold weather. More than 50 people have lost their lives in the cold. It is the responsibility of the government, they cannot run from it. They have made promises and they must keep them, “he said.
He also condemned comments made by BJP leaders in Rajasthan that farmers enjoyed biriyani nuts and chicken, saying: “Using that language is not correct, especially as more than 60 farmers have died. Farmers are very distressed by this. situation and it’s better if they don’t say those things. ”

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