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Gas Activists Call on PM to Stop Vaccine Trials in Bhopal | India News


BHOPAL: Organizations working with victims of the Bhopal gas disaster urged Prime Minister Modi on Sunday to halt the Covaxin clinical trial in Bhopal, citing irregularities in the process and protocol. The activists have written to the prime minister and the Union health minister and have marked copies of at least 20 government officials, demanding punishment for those who allegedly “neglected the safety and well-being of the vaccine trial participants.”
They also demand to know why India’s drug regulator approved Covaxin’s emergency use authorization “almost 15 days after a volunteer died in Bhopal.” The volunteer, Pradeep Marawi, died on December 21, nine days after taking the first dose in phase 3 of the Covaxin trial at the People’s Medical College. The preliminary autopsy report suspects poisoning, and Bharat Biotech, the manufacturer of the vaccine, has said the death “is not related to the test dose.”
TOI contacted Bharat Biotech to find out their reaction, but got no response. “There are several factors that can cause an adverse event during a clinical trial, including the patient’s underlying disease, other pre-existing conditions, or any other unrelated event such as an accident. This SAE has been thoroughly investigated and has been found not to be related to the vaccine or placebo, ”the company had said on Saturday.

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