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Fire in the Sick Newborn Care Unit: Nurses, drivers and other personnel risked lives to save babies | India News


BHANDARA: They had just finished feeding the babies and were about to record details when they heard multiple explosions. They were trapped in a thick cloud of smoke and could barely see anything.
However, duty nurses Shubhangi Sathawane (32) and Smita Ambilduke (34) managed to remove seven babies after fire broke out at the Sick Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) at the District General Hospital here early Saturday morning. The duo raised an alarm that alerted security guards, ambulance drivers and locals. Even as the fire brigade began to deploy personnel, aide Ajit Purjekar climbed into the hospital building from the back and opened the emergency door to let out the smoke.
The charge nurse, Jyoti Choudhary, who had returned home, also rushed back to help her colleagues. “Ajit helped us rescue the babies who were alive and we moved them to a safer place,” Shubhangi said. The other staff members said that the seven babies were saved mainly thanks to the efforts of Shubhangi, Smita and Ajit. Shubhangi and Smita regretted that they couldn’t do much for the 10 babies who were in a room inside.
There were also the private ambulance driver Imran Sheikh and his friend Dhanasheel Khobragade who came to the hospital from different parts of the district to help. Dhanasheel traveled from Lakhni, 20 km away, to volunteer. The others, Rahul Gupta, another private ambulance operator, and security personnel Gaurav Rehpade and Shivam Madavi, risked their lives to save the babies.

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