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CE issues instructions to ensure the fluidity of assembly surveys | India News


NEW DELHI: The EC has reminded states where assembly elections are due in the coming months not to assign any election-related duties to officials who have been indicted for any length of time at any time. in the past.
In a notice to the chief secretaries of Assam, Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, the Election Commission (EC) has also said that officials against whom it had recommended disciplinary action in the past and that it is pending or has resulted in a sanction Nor should it be implemented for survey-related work.
The notice, sent last month, said that no official, retiring in the next six months, should not be associated with any election-related duties.
The terms of the legislative assemblies of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala and Puducherry will come to an end on different dates in May and June this year. Assembly elections are likely to be held sometime from April to May.
The survey watchdog also asked these states to ensure that officials directly related to the conduct of elections are not assigned to their home districts and to those who have spent three years in a district in the last four years. .
It is customary for the voting panel to issue such instructions prior to Lok Sabha or assembly elections to ensure that officials do not interfere with the electoral process in any way and that the exercise remains free and fair.
“To ensure free and fair elections, the Commission has followed a consistent policy that officials directly involved in the conduct of elections in a state / UT in the course of elections are not assigned to their home districts or places. where they have served for a long period, “the notice said.

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