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BS Yediyurappa meets with Amit Shah to discuss the political situation | India News


NEW DELHI: Karnataka Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa met with Union Interior Minister Amit Shah at the latter’s residence in Delhi on Sunday to discuss the political situation, but did not specify whether he would deliberate on the issue. of enclosure expansion. The head of the BJP, JP Nadda, and the head of the Karnataka party, Arun Singh, were also present at the meeting.
Yediyurappa had arrived in the national capital on the same Sunday. He told reporters: “I am going to discuss the political situation in Karnataka. We recently won the gram panchayat elections and the local elections in a big way. I am scheduled to meet with the Union Interior Minister Amit Shah.”
The prime minister said he would discuss the candidates for the next by-elections in the state.
“In a month from now, we are going to face by-elections for the vacant posts of Lok Sabha and the state assembly. We need to finalize the candidates. I will try to meet with Nadda Ji as well to discuss all this,” he said.
Responding to preparations for the vaccination process for Covid-19, Yediyurappa seemed confident that the coronavirus situation is under control in the state.
“We are taking all precautions and everything is under control,” Yediyurappa said.
The prime minister had recently said that the central leadership of the BJP will heed a call for cabinet expansion and that it is expected to be expanded this month.

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