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WHO India map ‘separates’ J&K and Ladakh with different colors | India News


LONDON: A map of India on the World Health Organization website, showing the Union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh in a totally different color, has sparked angry reactions from the Indian diaspora in Britain. The WHO, however, maintained that it follows the UN guidelines and practices regarding maps.
The map is on the WHO Covid-19 situation panel that shows the latest pandemic numbers by country. While the rest of India is navy blue, J&K and Ladakh have been grayed out as if they were a separate country. The disputed border area of ​​Aksai Chin is demarcated in gray with blue stripes, the same hue as that of China.
Pankaj, 40, an Indian IT consultant from Jharkhand who lives in London, first saw the map shared in a WhatsApp group. He said: “I was surprised that an organization as large as WHO with such great responsibility in the world could do this. Now that India is the president, it is even more important that WHO does not indulge in such activities. I know that China gives huge amounts of funds to WHO and Pakistan gets loans from China and wants to keep this issue going. My feeling is that China is behind this, since China’s influence in the WHO is very high.
The LoC can be faintly seen in the gray segment. “Even if the LoC is there, PoK should be part of India, just like J&K,” said Pankaj. “If you are going to represent states with different colors, each state should have one. This shows that they do not recognize Kashmir as part of India. ”
Nandini Singh, who runs social media at Reach India (UK), a diaspora group, said: “This shows that WHO is in a nexus with China. Rather than thanking India for what it has done to fight Covid-19, including supplying PPE and vaccines to the world, this is a deliberate attempt to harm India. WHO must apologize to India and correct the mistake. ”
The Union’s health minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan, took over as chairman of the WHO executive board last year.
“WHO’s approach is to follow the United Nations guidelines and practices with regard to maps to the extent possible. The WHO, as a specialized UN agency, follows the United Nations in the representation of territories and borders on maps because the United Nations is in charge of addressing issues related to geopolitical issues for the UN system ”was the response of the WHO to the TOI consultation in this regard.
Overseas Friends of BJP UK President Kuldeep Shekhawat said: “I think there is mismanagement within WHO and once it is pointed out they should correct it. This is not an accurate description of India. ”
US President Donal Trump suspended funding to the WHO last April after criticizing its handling of the pandemic and its relationship with China. President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to reverse this. Last week, China blocked entry to the WHO team studying the origins of Covid-19.
Last year, the Indian government issued a harshly worded warning to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after Twitter listed J&K and Leh as part of China.

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