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Vax volunteer dies; officials say no due to adverse effects | India News


BHOPAL: A 45-year-old man, who had volunteered for the phase III human trials of Covaxin in Bhopal, died on Dec. 21, it became known Friday. Poisoning is suspected to be the cause of death.
Dean of the People’s College of Medicine, Dr. Anil Dixit, said: “We learned that a volunteer, Deepak Marawi, died. However, the death was due to other reasons and not to a serious adverse effect (to the vaccine). ”
Marawi’s son, Badal, said he was a worker and had volunteered for the vaccine trial. The first dose was administered on December 12. It is not known whether it was a vaccine or a placebo.
The autopsy concluded that poisoning was the presumed cause of death. The viscera have been preserved for examination.

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