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Nadda Launches BJP Farmers Outreach Campaign in West Bengal Ahead of Elections | India News


KATWA: Amid ongoing protests over new farm laws, BJP President JP Nadda launched a new campaign on Saturday to woo West Bengal farmers, saying that the BJP government in the center has increased the agricultural budget six times and the minimum support price 1.5 times.
Nadda, who launched the “Krishak Suraksha Abhiyan” and the “Ek Mutti Chawal” (a handful of rice) to woo farmers in the forced-to-vote state, said the Modi government has done more for the farming community than previous governments in the center. .
He also mocked West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for agreeing to deploy Prime Minister Kisan Yojna only after realizing that his party is rapidly losing ground among the state’s farmers.
Nadda said it is “too late” for the TMC government to agree to implement Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi.
“Since coming to power, the Modi government has increased the budget for agriculture six times. In 2013-14, the budget for agriculture was only Rs 22,000 crore. Today, it stands at Rs 1.34,000 crore.” Nadda said.
Nadda praised Prime Minister Modi for implementing the Swaminathan Committee’s report on the minimum subsistence price (MSP) for crops.
“The MSP according to the Swaminathan Committee has been implemented only by PM Modi, increasing it almost 1.5 times,” he said.
Later in the afternoon, Nadda launched “Ek Muthi Chawal” (a handful of rice), a program under which she would collect rice from farmers’ homes and inform them about the benefits of the new agricultural laws, as part of the efforts to curb the opposition “accusations against farmers” against the central government led by the BJP following the protests of farmers in Delhi.
Purba Burdwan is a major rice producing district and is called the “West Bengal rice bowl”.
The district, about 100 km from Kolkata, also has a special significance in state politics, comprising 15 electoral districts. Of this majority they are currently with the TMC and the saffron party is seeking them to form its government in the state.
Sunil Kumar Mondal, Lok Sabha member from Burdwan Purba constituency recently switched to BJP from TMC.
Nadda’s speech at ‘Krishok Surokkha Gram Sabha’ in Jagadanandpur marked the beginning of 40,000 such meetings that the BJP will hold in West Bengal ahead of the assembly elections, which are months away.
There are 71.23 lakh of farming families in West Bengal, 96% of them are small and marginal.
Ridiculing Mamata Banerjee for agreeing to deploy Prime Minister Kisan Yojna only after realizing that her party is rapidly losing ground among the state’s farmers, Nadda said that once voted into power, the BJP would do justice to the state’s farmers. .
He said the state government was forced to opt for the beneficiary scheme only after learning that “the anger of the farmers at being deprived of the central schemes will wipe out the TMC government in the state.”
“The Mamata Banerjee government agreed to deploy Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi after so long when it realized that the TMC is rapidly losing ground in Bengal.
“But let me make it clear that it is too late for the TMC government,” said Nadda when launching the campaign.
Stating that about 70,000 families were unable to take advantage of the benefits of PM-Kisan Samman Nidhi in Bengal, Nadda said that “Mamata Ji is now writing letters to the PM allowing its implementation as the elections are approaching.”
“We will form the government in Bengal and help our farmers in Bengal to reap the benefits. We will also implement the Ayushman Bharat scheme in the state,” he said.
In the near future, 4.66 billion people would receive the benefits of the Ayushman Bharat mega health program in Bengal after the BJP forms the next government, he claimed.
The TMC government earlier this month softened its stance on the implementation of Prime Minister Kisan’s scheme in the state, after more than a year of opposition to the program.
Nadda claimed that the mass demonstration of farmers in Katwa shows that the days of Mamata Banerjee’s government are numbered.
“The warmth they have shown in welcoming me shows that they have decided that the Mamata Banerjee government is going to open the door and the BJP will form the government in Bengal.
“Their happiness and confidence shows that the public is ready to welcome us to form the government,” said Nadda.
He also attacked the TMC for corruption and said that the slogan of “Maa Mati Manush” and has become “tolabaji (extortion), appeasement and dictatorship.”
“They have been lowered to such a level in Bengal that people have to pay cuts in money even for the performance of the last rites of their relatives. This is the level of corruption they are committing in Bengal at the moment,” he said.
Modi’s government was providing rations during the COVID pandemic, but TMC workers transformed their homes into ration offices.
“Such was the spoil made by the ruling party here in Bengal,” he said.
This was Nadda’s first visit to the state after the attack on her convoy during its journey to Diamond Harbor from Calcutta on December 10.
Election for the 294-member Bengal assembly is scheduled for April-May.

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