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India sees 18,500 new cases of Covid-19 for the second day in a row | India News


India recorded almost exactly the same number of new Covid cases and deaths on Friday as the day before. While new infections stood at around 18,500, deaths from the virus stood at 233, two more than the number of victims on Thursday.
India detected 18,485 new cases, up from the previous day’s count of 18,432. Kerala and Maharashtra continued to record most of the new infections and deaths.
Kerala reported 5,142 new cases and Maharashtra 3,693. Both states had posted similar counts on Thursday. However, overall, this week’s new cases are still lower than the numbers from the previous week, although the difference appears to be much narrower than that seen in recent weeks.
Karnataka saw a slight increase in infections on Friday with 970 new cases, the highest reported in the state since December 30. Karnataka’s count was the third highest among the states on Friday, followed by Chhattisgarh (960) and Bengal (926).
Maharashtra, with 73 deaths, continued to record the highest number of deaths. Maharashtra reported a slight drop in cases. A total of 3,693 cases and 73 deaths were reported on Friday, bringing the state’s total cases to 19,61,975 and total deaths to 49,970. Mumbai registered 654 new cases. The city’s new case count remains higher than Delhi’s, which reported 444 new infections and 10 deaths.

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