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HC: E-commerce intermediaries are not responsible for the actions of suppliers | India News


BENGALURU: In what could be a shot in the arm for e-commerce platforms, Karnataka HC has said that an intermediary governed by the Information Technology Law, or its directors / officers, would not be liable for any action or inaction by a vendor / vendor, who makes use of their website or marketplace facility.
The HC made this observation on 7 January while annulling a complaint and proceeding against Snapdeal Private Limited and two of its directors. The court said the online marketplace provider or facilitator cannot be expected to be aware of all the products sold on its website.
“It is only required that said provider or enabler implement a robust system to inform all vendors on their platform of their responsibilities and obligations under the applicable laws to fulfill their role and obligation as an intermediary. If the same is violated by sellers of goods or services, they can proceed with them, but not with the intermediary, ”the bank indicated.
The complaint against Snapdeal, filed by Mysuru’s drug inspector with the court in June 2020, was related to the sale of Suhagra-100 tablets (100 mg sildenafil citrate tablets) between October 13, 2014 and October 16 December 2014.

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