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Center has invaded states’ rights by passing farm laws: P Chidambaram | India News


GUWAHATI: Criticizing the BJP-led central government for the new agricultural laws, former Union Interior Minister and Congress leader P Chidambaram said on Saturday that the Center has invaded the rights of a state by passing laws on a subject (agriculture) that is notified under the state list.
Addressing a convention of the Assam Congress legal cell in Guwahati via videoconference, Chidambaram said the Center has invaded state politics and amended the Constitution to take away the powers of the state.
Delivering the keynote address on “Challenges and Threats to Democracy and the Constitution of India”, the former Union Minister added: “The most recent and cruel invasion of state subjects is the agricultural laws against which thousands of farmers are protesting. on the borders of New Delhi. In this freezing cold. Agriculture, farmers markets and tariffs are matters reported on the state list. Yet without batting an eye, the Center passed the agricultural laws, first as an ordinance and then through Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, ignoring any opposition. The government’s move has damaged the fundamental principle of federalism. ”
Chidambaram argued that Parliament no longer allows multiple opinions to be expressed on a given issue. “The right to speak is in jeopardy in parliament and the power to silence the deputy’s microphone has been introduced. Very few bills are being debated, voting and even fewer are being referred to select committees,” he added.
Speaking about the rights of minorities, Dalits and registered tribes, he said that despite constituting around 30-35% of the total population, the current government is trying to restrict their freedom. “Today, can we honestly say that minorities and Dalits enjoy the same rights and opportunities?” I ask.
In elaborating on the current economic state of the country, Chidambaram said that in liberal democracies there is no place for monopolies, since everyone has the right to get rich. Quoting former Chinese President Deng Xiaoping, he said it is glorious to be rich, there is a place for everyone to get richer and richer.
Pointing to particular groups who are encouraged to establish monopolies, he said: “In India today, we can cite numerous examples where the government and state are actively promoting monopolies. If we don’t stop this, we will be standing where a hundred years ago. makes the United States. ”
As for the judiciary, he said that hundreds and thousands of bail requests that are pending in the courts are a deprivation of people’s personal freedoms. “Who will compensate them for the days that they were denied freedom? How can we say that everyone has equal access to freedom?” I ask.
Saying that the words “liberal” and “democracy” are inseparable, Chidambaram said that equality, equal opportunities, secularism and tolerance must be maintained at all costs. “We cannot allow India to become an authoritarian, intolerant country in which everyone cannot proudly claim to enjoy justice, equality, freedom and brotherhood,” Chidambaram said.

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