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23 Indian sailors trapped in China to return on January 14: Mandaviya | India News


NEW DELHI: Twenty-three Indian sailors trapped in China will return on January 14, Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said on Saturday.
The MV Jag Anand freighter is ready to sail to Chiba in Japan, Mandaviya said.
“Our seafarers trapped in China are coming to India. MV Jag Anand ship, with 23 Indian crew, trapped in China, ready to sail to Chiba, Japan, for crew change, will arrive in India on January 14.” the ports said, the minister of shipping and inland waterways said in a tweet.
He said this could only be possible thanks to the strong leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Mandaviya also recognized “the Great Eastern Shipping Company’s humanitarian approach to seafarers and its support at this crucial time.”
On December 30, 2020, he had said that Indian sailors trapped in China would return soon, as diplomatic talks with the neighboring country are underway.
Two cargo ships with Indian sailors on board have been anchored in Chinese waters because they were not allowed to unload their cargo, although some other ships have succeeded.
“Diplomatic talks are taking place successfully. Our seafarers will be coming to India soon,” Mandaviya had said in response to a question about sailors trapped in China for the past seven months during a cabinet briefing.
China had said on December 25 that there is no “link” between the crew of the Indian ship stranded in its Chinese ports and its strained relations with India and Australia.
The statement came a day after the Foreign Ministry said that two cargo ships with a total of 39 Indians on board were anchored in Chinese waters because they were not allowed to unload their cargo.
“There is a considerable amount of stress on the crew members due to this unprecedented situation,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava.
Srivastava said the MV Jag Anand bulk cargo ship has been anchored near the Jingtang port in China’s Hebei province since June 13 and has 23 Indian sailors.
Another ship, MV Anastasia, with 16 Indian nationals as a crew, has been anchored near the port of Caofeidian in China since September 20, awaiting the unloading of its cargo, he said at a press conference.
“Our Embassy in Beijing he has been in constant contact with the provincial and central government authorities in China, requesting that the ships be allowed to dock and / or that the crew be allowed to change, “he said.
When asked about India’s concern regarding the Indian crew members of the ships and whether China’s decision on this issue relates to the current situation between India, China and Australia, the Ministry of Foreign Relations spokesman China Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin told a news conference last week that “we repeatedly stated that China has clear stipulations on quarantine measures.”
“In this regard, China has been in close communication with the Indian side, responding to their requests and providing the necessary assistance,” he said.
“From what I understand, China allows crew changes while meeting certain quarantine conditions. But this Jingtang port is not on the list for such crew changes,” he said, but did not refer to the port’s 16 crew. by Caofeidian.
Last month, China blamed the ship’s freight forwarder Jag Anand for the stagnation, saying it will not let the ship go.

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