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Special Forces Captain Ankit Gupta remains missing, Jodhpur Lake search


Five rescue teams, including those from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), continue to search for Captain Ankit Gupta, 10 Para (Special Forces), who drowned during a training exercise at Lake Takhat Sagar in Jodhpur on Thursday .

Captain Gupta is the commander of the 10 Para Special Forces, which was selected as the best unit of the year (2020) in the Indian Army. As part of a drill, he jumped from a helicopter into the Takhat Sagar reservoir on Thursday. Three other commandos also jumped with him, but Captain Ankit was unable to get out.

The army’s search operation in the lake began Thursday afternoon, but had to stop after dark.

“The NDRF, SDRF, civil defense and army teams continually search for the submerged captain, but he is still missing. As part of the exercise, some Jawans jumped into the lake from the helicopter to improve their skills in rescuing drowned people, ”said SHO Jaikishan Soni.

He added that 10 Para staff members initially tried to locate Captain Gupta but reported to their superiors after they failed. Search operations were carried out throughout Friday with no luck.

During the exercise, the 10 Para commandos had to launch their boats into the water and jump from a helicopter.

“After this, they were to attack the enemy traveling in a boat. Under this mission, four commandos led by Captain Ankit launched their boat first into the Takhat Sagar reservoir and then jumped into the water themselves. Three commandos reached the ship, but Captain Ankit could not. After waiting a bit, the commandos started looking for him, ”said a senior Jodhpur police official.

Ankit, 28, a resident of Gurugram, got married less than two months ago on November 23, 2020.

“His passion for the military can be measured by the fact that he stayed with his wife for a very short period after marriage and returned to complete his special training,” said the police officer.

The unit, known as Desert Scorpions, is among the most battle-hardened units in the Indian Army.

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