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Global terrorist Masood Azhar is finally a wanted man in Pak. Dawood next? – news from india


The arrest warrant issued for Maulana Masood Azhar, the boss of the outlaw Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), is the first small step against the global terrorist who Islamabad says has disappeared. Last year, Pakistani diplomats told the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global watchdog against terrorist financing, that they had been unable to take action against Masood Azhar because he was missing. Indian officials later refuted Pakistan, noting that he was still hiding in his bomb-proof home behind the terror group’s Bahawalpur headquarters on Markaz-e-Usman-o-Ali, Railway Link Road, in Pakistan.

The FATF kept Islamabad on its ‘gray list’ which continued to make it difficult for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government to obtain financial help from international credit agencies such as the IMF. While facing the most serious challenge from a combined opposition that has been mobilizing public opinion against him, Pakistan watchers say Imran Khan’s best chance to maintain power is to get the economy going again to ensure that the opposition campaign does not find traction. with the people. By most accounts, it is not easy.

Indian officials explain recent steps by Pakistan, an arrest warrant for Azhar, who had been protected for a decade at UN Security Council meetings by Islamabad and Beijing, and the arrest of Lashkar-e’s operations commander -Taiba, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, to indicate the situation in Islamabad. desperation to get off the ‘gray list’.

Pakistan observers believe Islamabad would use its influence with the Quetta-based Taliban Shura in Afghanistan to conclude a deal with the incoming Joe Biden administration to seek US support for Islamabad at FATF meetings in exchange for their support. to the peace talks. The deep state of Pakistan is also expected to use its ability to gauge the violence in Afghanistan to convince the US administration.

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Officials stress that neither of the two most prominent faces of terrorism in Pakistan faces charges of terrorism and the killing of dozens of people but of terrorist financing. Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi was the Lashkar commander who had planned and supervised the Mumbai terrorist attack on 11/26.

“But the small steps are also important for the message they have,” said an Indian counterterrorism official, referring to pressure on the Imran Khan government to get off the FATF gray list. At the last meeting, the FATF had reiterated its warning to its government to take further action or risk being blacklisted.

The official said it was true that the arrest warrant for Azhar and the arrest of Lakhvi were reversible steps. Lakhvi spent time behind bars after the 11/26 attacks – he lived in “relative luxury” and fathered a son while in prison on terrorism charges – but was released when global pressure on Islamabad eased.

“But at the same time, these steps also imply progress, however gradual,” the official said.

It is in this context that Indian officials believe pressure is mounting to take action against Dawood Ibrahim, once the Mumbai gift who crossed the line when he planned the March 1993 bombings in the city before fleeing the country.

Dawood Ibrahim has been living in Karachi from where he has controlled the largest criminal syndicate in South Asia for most of the last two decades. Islamabad has always claimed that Dawood Ibrahim was not in Pakistan despite documentary evidence presented by India that places him in Karachi.

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Indian officials said the action against Dawood Ibrahim would be the litmus test for the Imran Khan government’s efforts to project that it was taking action against terrorism seriously. Dawood Ibrahim is well established in the electrical circuit of Pakistan. In 2005, Dawood, also designated as a global terrorist by the UNSC and the United States, married his daughter Mahrukh to Junaid Miandad, son of former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad. According to Indian intelligence, Mahrukh and Junaid have secure Portuguese passports that would allow them to leave the country if things get too hot.

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