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BJP Launches Campaign to Hard Sell Farm Laws | India News


NEW DELHI: While the government has been holding conversations with agitated farm unions, BJP has launched a parallel campaign to share with people the benefits of the new farm laws and how they will benefit farmers across the country.
The party has a full booklet – “Putting Farmers First” – printed in different languages, which talks about how the three laws have been enacted with the aim of doubling farmers’ income, a promise that BJP had made in its manifesto. . In addition to the draft of the three farm laws, the booklet has several chapters, including “What Won’t Happen” and “What Will Happen,” explaining how it will help farmers’ incomes without putting their properties at risk.
Prime Minister Modi has repeatedly tried to dispel apprehensions regarding the three laws, saying his government is committed to farmers. A group of 78 former civil servants had written an open letter against the three laws in December, claiming that the Center acted against constitutional provisions by promulgating the laws. “I called one of the retired officials, Suresh Kumar Goyal. We had a thorough discussion on the subject, as he admitted that he had not read the laws in their entirety. I handed over a copy of the law, ”said Kuljeet Singh Chahal, general secretary of BJP Delhi.
Rajya Sabha MP and party general secretary Arun Singh said: “Those who say the laws were passed in haste must be corrected. Several rounds of consultations were organized on the three laws and even previous governments had tried to introduce these changes ”.
Jawan instead of protest faces Army action
The Army will initiate disciplinary proceedings against a soldier who wore a uniform and participated in a farmers’ protest in Bathinda in Punjab while on leave last month.
Army officials said battalion commanders have also been told to “re-sensitize their troops” on the dos and don’ts to ensure the force’s high disciplinary standards are upheld. The soldier in question was photographed with a banner, which read “My father is a farmer, if he is a terrorist, then I am also a terrorist”, during the protest demonstration in front of the deputy commissioner’s office in Bathinda on December 14.
One official said the jawan “may have been carried away by the emotions of the farmers’ ongoing protest,” but the Law and Army Rules specifically prohibit participation in any gathering or demonstration for political or other purposes.

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