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Amended Provisions in TM Law to be Available in 20 Languages ​​| India News


NEW DELHI: In a first such exercise, the Ministry of Road Transport would publish the amended provisions of the Central Motor Vehicle Law (CMVA) in 20 official languages ​​for easy understanding by all users. Until now, the motor vehicle law and previous amendments were available in English and Hindi.
Officials said the brochures have been prepared. “Given that the legal provisions impact a large part of society, it was felt that the amendments should be available in different languages,” said a source. He added that there was a plan to launch them last month.
The government has introduced radical changes in the CMVA, giving priority to road safety, facilitating the process of obtaining and renewing the driver’s license, vehicle registration and curbing corruption. Penalties for traffic and vehicle-related offenses have been multiply increased, which the government hopes will act as a deterrent.
The ministry also announced for the first time that it would carry out massive road safety awareness programs for a month starting January 18. Before, the intensive campaign used to last a week. Officials said the Union Minister for Road and Road Transport Nitin Gadkari held a detailed meeting with all stakeholders, including representatives of non-governmental organizations and private entities, on Wednesday, urging them to launch the awareness campaign. on road safety as a mission throughout the year rather than limiting this. just a week or a month.

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