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Trump Supporters Storm the US Capitol, Interrupting the Election Count: Highlights | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress returned to session Wednesday night to resume the certification process of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election after a mob protesting Donald Trump’s defeat violently invaded the United States Capitol United and throw Washington into chaos. In response to the violent clashes that left one dead, the mayor of Washington imposed a curfew.
These are the highlights:
* Following the violent clashes in front of the United States Capitol, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “I am distressed to see the news about unrest and violence in Washington DC. The orderly and peaceful transfer of power must continue. The democratic process is subverted through illegal protests. ”
* Initially upset due to violent protests, Congress once again completed the electoral count.
* Amid violent clashes by Trump supporters, a woman was shot and killed inside the Capitol building amid the chaos.
* Social media giants Facebook and Twitter said they will block Donald Trump’s accounts. While Facebook said it will impose a 24-hour ban, Twitter will lock your account for 12 hours warning that future violations will result in a permanent suspension.
* Former US President Barack Obama said the attack on the US Congress is a matter of “great shame” but “not surprising.”
* Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s chief of staff and former White House press secretary, resigned after violent protests on Capitol Hill.
* After Trump supporters tried to take over the US Capitol, Vice President Mike Pence addressed the Senate.

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