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Train on high-speed test race crushes four near Haridwar


Four people were crushed to death by a high-speed train being tested on the Laksar-Haridwar route on Thursday night, police said.

The accident occurred around 6.30pm near the Jamalpur railway crossing in the rural Haridwar segment.

Tarun Prakash, Divisional Regional Manager (DRM) for Northern Railways, has ordered an investigation into this accident.

Prakash said the accident occurred near the village of Jamalpur. Railway officials noted that the train was on a 100 km / h test run to test the newly installed Haridwar-Laksar double line track.

A team from the railway safety and technical wing had arrived for this test on the Laksar-Haridwar track.

According to the rural Haridwar legislator, Swami Yatishwaranand, who arrived at the crash site immediately after the tragedy, said that witnesses told him that the four men walking on the train tracks could not measure the speed of the train and could not get out. of the road.

“It is a sad and shocking incident and the administration, police, railway officials and local people came to the scene immediately after the incident,” Yatishwaranand said.

Haridwar City Police Superintendent Kamlesh Upadhyay said police were also carrying out a combing operation to check for other damage.

The police station officer, Jwalapur Praveen Koshyari, said the bodies of the victims were sent for an autopsy. The four young men were identified as Vishal and Golu. The locals said they used to walk on the tracks at night.

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