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Social humor: Indians compare the siege of the Capitol to the situation at home | India News


DISCLAIMER: This is a compilation of humor shared by Internet users around the world. Times of India does not endorse or endorse any of the views shared in this article. The subject is purely satirical.
NEW DELHI. Shortly after images of an armed and angry mob of Trump supporters storming the Capitol began circulating on social media, Indian netizens began creating memes to draw parallels between the United States and the situation at home.
Everyone from Arvind Kejriwal to the Delhi police to Kangana Ranaut found a mention in the memes that went viral after the dramatic events on Capitol Hill.
Indians always paving the way

Remember the infamous human chain temple drama in Bangalore? Read here

Your culture versus our culture

Delhi police make an entrance

Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hot hai

Just a few things from Kejriwal

Look closely


Some relief for Trump fans

I got you, well not really

Nooooo, what have they done

I hope Kangana stays away from this


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