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Shiv Sena Praises Rahul Gandhi, Says “Delhi Rulers” Fear Him | India News


MUMBAI: Calling Rahul Gandhi a warrior for opposing Modi’s government, Shiv Sena said Thursday that “the rulers of Delhi” fear the leader of Congress.
An editorial in Sena spokesman Saamana also said that it was a good thing that Rahul Gandhi became president of Congress.
“The rulers of Delhi fear Rahul Gandhi. If it had not been, the campaigns to discredit the Gandhi family would not have been carried out,” the editorial said.
“A dictator is afraid even if a man is against him, and if this lone warrior is honest, the fear increases a hundredfold. The fear of the Delhi rulers of Rahul Gandhi is in this category,” the editorial said.
It is good that Rahul Gandhi is president of Congress again, said the Sena spokesman. “It must be accepted that the BJP has no alternative to Narendra Modi and Congress has no alternative to Rahul Gandhi, said Sena.
“Despite propagating that Rahul Gandhi is a weak leader, he still stands and attacks the government at every opportunity he gets,” he said. The opposition, at some point, will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, “he added.
Shiv Sena’s eulogy for Rahul Gandhi comes a fortnight after Sena MP Sanjay Raut called for broadening the scope of the congressional-led UPA bloc, saying the opposition should unite against the Center’s “dictatorial attitude” and provide a “formidable alternative” to the Modi government.
Ahead of the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation elections next month, the Sena and Congress, partners in the ruling Maha Vikas Aghadi alliance in Maharashtra, have disagreed on the demand to change the name of that city.
While the Sena wants Aurangabad to change its name to Sambhajinagar in honor of a Maratha warrior, many leaders of the state Congress have opposed this measure.

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